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The Midlands Group and HolmStone piloted their first project together, from this partnership sprung the 327 kWp grid-tied PV system as phase I of Wolwehoek abattoir energy transition and the first phase of a long-term energy strategy for the Group.

Midlands Group partnered with HolmStone to engage them in their energy transition of their business entities. This was launched through the first of their projects on Wolwehoek Abattoir in Sasolburg.

Here the site’s first energy solution came in the form of a Solar Photovoltaic (PV) system at 327 kilowatt installed capacity, which was modelled to produce somewhat 834, 800 kilowatt hours per annum. This specific design allowed the abattoir to shave off some of the energy demand from the grid during the day, giving them secure, Greenhouse Gas neutral, energy when the grid is active.

The next phases of the project are underway in which HolmStone is looking at increasing the installed capacity further and a BESS (Battery Energy Storage Systems) for the site, as well as other business entities in the Midlands Group, this being the first of a bountiful collaboration and a successful road together.

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